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Single Felling: Cutting the tree at the base, taking it down in a single section.

Sectional Felling: Cutting the tree from the top, taking it down in many sections by rope or winch. This is done where space is limited and/or there are obstructions to avoid e.g. garden buildings.

Crown Lifting: Removing the lower limbs of a tree.

Crown Thinning: Removing a percentage of branches to reduce the weight in the canopy and/or increase the light.

Crown Reduction: Reducing branches all over the tree to reduce the overall size of the crown.

Dead Wood Removal: Removing dead, diseased or dying branches from a single tree or whole trees in a forest.

Pollarding: Reducing the height of a tree by taking out branches, reducing the size of branches or taking it all the way back to the main stem.

Stump Grinding: Removal of stumps by grinding below ground level.

The above sequence of photographs depict the taking down of a very large 200 year old Oak from a residence on Unthank Road in Norwich.

The Tree had been diagnosed with Armillaria root disease and being so close to properties it was considered so dangerous that taking it down was the only option.

The Oak was approximate 80 ft high and had a base diameter of 1.5 metres